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The PED programs focus on music and the arts and the role they play in the development of good character and discipline

The PED programs also play a role in the development of thinking and problem solving skills. 

Our goal is to help prepare children and graduating students for a successful future by removing barriers and meeting the challenges of adolescence and adults through a coordinated progressive series of activities and experiences in the music and arts after school programs along with the internship programs for high school and college students.  These programs are taught by celebrities, teachers, community leaders, and everyday people who donate their time and money to mentor and educate the participating students and at risk youth.  The PED programs are open to all arts, all people, all ages.

"Do It For The Kids"

Although most people are familiar with Milton Bullock’s (The Golden Platter) legendary entertainment cre-dentials; he’s most proud of his legacy with at-risk youth, Universal. As founder of “Do It For The Children Initiatives, Inc.”; he’s committed to the welfare of all at-risk youth.  He uses his celebrity status to motivate young people as well as to bring other celebrities into the act of giving troubled kids the aspiration to succeed.  As well as the ideal fundraiser for local and major international causes providing financial emergency needs to continue or embellish their operations. In addition to his God given talent to sing, he has composed a special song to financially-aid and support that cause; so appropriately themed and titled as; “DoIt For The Kids Today.”  

"The Magic Window"

The Magic Window provides acting coaching or drama coaching. We provide a teacher who trains performers–typically film, television, theatre, and musical theatre actors–and gives them advice and mentoring.  Our goal is to enable them while improving their acting and dramatic performances. We help them prepare for auditions and prepare better for roles. Prepare For Life.....And then we turn to the community to help in any way we can.  The concept of The Magic Window will allow the vision of the student performer to shape their future and our world. All Ages are welcome. From infant to elder we are here to help you reach the next level.

The Magic Window has no creative barriers.  We are an evolving program open for nuances and innovation.