CEMAFEST opens at 10am.  Shows kick off with Gospel Inspiration and Youth performances.



Exciting shows continue with a nice mix of eclectic music performances, jazz, 

celtic, rock,  and comedy.

Late Afternoon


The late afternoon shows roll into an

Urban mix of Hip Hop, R&B, 

and more.

Here are some of the CEMAFEST Headliners from the 2018 Celebration

There's much to see and enjoy at A Celebration of CEMAFEST. There will be live performances by talented artists and celebrities. A Celebration of CEMAFEST will feature some of the best talented artists in the Mid Atlantic Region and beyond. There is something for everyone.  

We hope you enjoy this year's Celebration of CEMAFEST.

The annual presentation of CEMAFEST will happen again April 2019  

"The Dream Starts Here"

Stage Performances

Milton R. Bullock /“The Golden Platter”

Have you by chance ever heard of “The Platters”? This group emerged as stars in the mid to late 1950’s, selling more records, playing more venues, appearing in more films, and romancing more Americans than any other group of their time. Performing simple, romantic melodies, with satin smooth voices have always been their Universal trademark. “The Platters” were a phenomenon--the first black Doo-wop group to ever have a number one hit ‘pop’ record as well as the first to cross racial barriers on the concert circuit. Mainly by fate, for the white audiences that first heard them ‘thought’ they were a white group, embracing their ’classic’ style. This ‘blessed misconception’ would fortunately; ‘open otherwise-closed doors’, and the rest is International-Universal American World Musical-History at its very best!



Ronnelia is a soulful gospel artist who has been singing for God's glory since the age of 13. A 15 year flautist with a natural anointing and gift she uplifts God in whatever she does!


Shaun Peace Band

The Shaun Peace Band has been sweeping the Nation since 2013 with over 750 shows performed across the USA. Their unique sound mixes the elements of Rock, Funk, Soul, Blues, REggae and Jazz. They have shared the stage with : Shinedown, Third Eye Blind, George Clinton and the P Funk, Lakeside, Keith Horne, J.j. Plasencio of 6 pence none the richer, Chico De Barge, Klymaxx, Phil French, and many  more.


Tia Dae

2015 Emmy Award Winning Actress. Dynamic Artist, and Entertainer Tia Dae, is a 2015 Emmy Award winning Actress for Best Performance in a Web Series and Award winning vocalist.

Mademen Coreleone

 MADE MEN is a Maryland based east coast hip-hop group with an old-school sound but modern day feel. The group consists of 3 members from different backgrounds. MADE MEN has been gaining attention doing shows for some of def comedy jam and comic view legends with party songs like "we gonna party" and "Good Girl" and hardcore tracks like "bout that life" their sure to give you that old school feel you been looking for. 


Gifted and Talented

SHXCE on the Rize

As Mike Mercy continues to consistently advance in his newly blooming music career, he puts together a short, heartfelt promo video.